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Crushed the post work craving

Today has been LONG.

Set off at 6am, for an 8 hour round trip with a 4 hour meeting in the middle. Most of the journey was spent listening to my Sober Diaries audiobook which I would highly recommend. Very relatable!!

I got home, having luckily not had to stop off at a shop, before realising I'd not bought wine and not even paused to consider it. This is exactly the sort of day which usually results in me sinking a bottle of red because "I deserve it" "it's been a killer day" in fact I can't remember the last time I DIDN'T reward a long work trip with wine. Success!! Go me!! I felt like a bit of a hero walking in the door planning cocoa and a biscuit!

Now, I actually would LOVE a drink. But at the same time I can look at this objectively and say, what exactly is the reward?! A bad nights sleep and a stressful slightly hungover day tomorrow? That's not a treat.

I've promised myself not to moan aloud about missing wine, which is what happens every other time I quit. I mope around the house telling Les how much I'd really love just a glass and how I didn't have one yesterday actually, until he offered to go buy some just to shut me up! But no, I'm not going to give it a voice. The wine witch who whispers in my ear that it would taste so nice and haven't I already proved I don't NEED alcohol by having 2 nights off. And just this once won't hurt. I recognise her now, and she can sod right off.

100 days feels like a long time. But the hardest ones are now. And I'm doing it, yey! *clinks hot chocolate*


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