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First weekend - Done!

As expected the first weekend of Sober October has been HARD!

Friday night Matthew was out at a party and needed picking up at 10pm. It was a bit annoying not to be able to get settled for the evening but at least I wasn't hanging on waiting to pour my first Friday night wine.

I was proper morngy though. Les is definitely going to have had enough of me by the end of the month. I think it's partly because I know I'm not allowed it. Like if I was giving up chocolate I'd be craving it all the time, regardless of how much I normally eat.

So my rock and roll Friday night in looked like this...

Turns out Erdinger is pretty good. I mean it's no Pinot Grigio, but it is isotonic and vitamin rich!

I can't believe how embedded alcohol is in so many areas of our lives, and I've only really noticed since I'm not allowed it. My favourite radio station is sponsored by Strongbow, Facebook is full of people out drinking or in drinking, TV, podcasts, films, adverts, all full of people unwinding or enjoying themselves by drinking. Even if I manage to put it out of my mind, I'm reminded often. Alcohol is synonymous with fun, it's reinforced all the time and it's really hard to break that link. When I've been out in the past and not drinking, it always seem to be an issue for people, like "how can you possibly be sober and have fun!?" I can't imagine what it's like for people battling with alcoholism; no other drug is pushed as much, and is as freely available. You'd think this might sound like a wake up call, that I'm realising the evils of alcohol and will vow to never drink again. Maybe I will. But more likely, I'll be so thankfully when the self-imposed prohibition is over that I will celebrate with a glass of red and pretend that it doesn't have the potential to be damaging. Because it's so much easier that way.

I had friends over Saturday night, some were driving and aren't big drinkers anyway. Others brought wine. Including one friend who HAD been doing Sober October with me until Friday!! It didn't bother me too much while they were here. I had a really nice time catching up with friends I'd not seen in a while. But it was certainly on my mind. A glass or two would have gone down a treat, but I am realising it isn't crucial for having a good time. By the time they left I was really craving a drink, and soon after started to feel pretty low. I've found I'm trying to fill the void with sugary drinks and snacks. So that vision of losing weight and having amazing skin is fast fading!

I actually feel more tired than I expected. I thought without alcohol I'd be up and full of energy in the mornings but that hasn't really happened yet. Maybe in week 2...

I've also been feeling a bit disheartened that I've not raised much sponsorship yet, especially as it's so flipping difficult. But when I went on the Sober October website I saw that collectively we've raised over £2 million so far. Which is pretty amazing!

I would love you to sponsor me if you can afford to,


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