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1 week to go!

I've not blogged for a while so we've a little catching up to do.
Firstly massive thank you to Emma for buying me a golden ticket for last Saturday's wobble. I had no idea such a thing existed! It turns out that for a £15 donation you can choose a "night off" for me. Very clever, Sober October organisers, very clever.
Last week was much easier than the previous two. I don't think I moodily told Les I want wine even once! I've still been having a non alcoholic drink as a way to wind down before bed, the habit of having something in my hand is hard to shake. But it hasn't bothered me quite as much that it's not real wine!
This Monday I was working in Aberdeen. It meant travelling on Sunday evening (boo), and usually the reward for being away from home is wine paid for on the company credit card! So after a bit of moaning and complaining at work last week, one of the guys bought me a golden ticket for Sunday night so that I could enjoy the perks of travel. Hoorah! Trudy, my friend and colleague, was as pleased as I was I think!
Now whether it was wonderful generosity or boys being competitive I don't know, but as I arrived home from work on Friday I received another email notification of a golden ticket for the Friday evening from another of the guys at work. What an exciting surprise! Maybe I should have said, "oh no, I can't, it won't be a challenge at all with all these golden tickets" but I didn't. Because it has been a challenge and whether it's healthy or not I jumped at the chance to sink a couple of glasses after a long work week.
By coincidence my friend Lorna text me to say that she couldn't wait for me to be able to drink again. We can still hang out, of course, but she wanted to relax with a drink of a Friday night and wouldn't have wanted to do that while I can't. But as it turned out, I could! I had a couple of glasses of prosecco, followed by a couple of glasses of this delicious number when I got home.

I felt pretty ropey on Saturday and was a bit annoyed at myself, I think because it was a special pass I wanted to make the most of it and I drank too much. Luckily we didn't have any plans so I could wallow in nausea and self pity without too much issue.

Sunday was our flight to Aberdeen. We had a prosecco on the plane! Medicinal of course to take the edge of the scary tiny aircraft we were on.

We also had a fair bit of wine once we got to our hotel and I must be out of practise because it knocked me for 6! Luckily I made it through the following day of training (me talking for 7 hours; horrendous for all involved) and we finally got home around 9pm. I would have loved a glass of wine when I got home, and would definitely have had a drink any other time. But actually, I am exhausted, and alcohol is surely just going to exacerbate that. So it's probably a good job I can't!
I've got one more weekend to get through, and I think I'll be ok! No, I know I'll be ok. I'm sure I look like a proper cheater at this stage, in fact the blog is more about drinking than not drinking!! But it has been difficult and in the first couple of weeks I honestly wasn't sure I'd managed. It may have been different without the golden tickets, but mostly I think I've just got over the idea that a drink at the end of a long day makes everything better. And it definitely does take the edge off. But once this challenge is done I'm going to make an effort to have more of those nights where I don't automatically reach for the bottle. I'm sure my body will thank me for it!
I'm only £20 off my target now, I would love to hit £100 by the end of the month so please give if you can.
Thanks for joining me, and for not being too judgy!


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